Saturday, 11 June 2011

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  • NKR
    10-13 04:18 PM
    Next time I'm thinking of going Tarzan style....

    They take only finger prints.. ;)

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  • ajju
    09-07 12:07 PM
    Doesn't matter. MS+0 works just fine. (My EB-2 was MS+0).

    If you've been working for this company for past 2 years and now they are going to file your GC... and you've no prior experience.. you can mention in your employment letter that you've been working since 2 years and could attach an experience letter from them to highlight the fact.. This is definitely doable and lawyer should have correct format to do this...

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  • obviously
    08-04 12:08 PM
    Thanks for sharing!

    my attorney said When you interfile, even if ur previous PD is current, you cannot file 140+485 together.. you have to first file the 140 requesting the previous PD be ported and then once that is approved..file you 485..!!
    >> I have both the I-140's now, the EB2 and the Eb3. So this is not a case of filing I-140 together with I-485. Qn is can the underlying I-485 EB3 pending adjudication be matched up with the new I-140 EB2 which has the older EB3 PD? If not, is filing a new I-485 to follow on the new EB2 I-140 the only option? Currently EB3 India is Unavailable and EB2 India PD is Jun 06. My new EB2 PD is Nov 02.

    but he said....if ur PD is current you can take a chance and file both 140(requesting porting)+485 ..but then the chances of 485 being sent back are high..
    >> ok, thanks.

    Whew, just when you think this darn thing will be over ... :D


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  • plassey
    08-13 10:48 AM
    Congratulations but I was wondering if you are more an exception then a rule...:confused:
    Yes, i opened a new thread so that everybody can see that CIS does mostly work on cases according to 485 Receipt Date. Otherwise i can't justify my EAD approval. I filed 485 and AP on June 18th and got RNs 2 weeks later. But EAD was filed later on July 12th. I got the receipt number for EAD from the back of my cashed check but never got actual Receipt Notice. Today i got the email that card production has been ordered.

    So if they have to approve an EAD filed in mid July, they must have gone with the 485 Receipt date. There is an LUD for our APs too for this Sunday. I'm happy that they are processing the cases in somewhat FIFO order. I was expecting EAD only 3-4months later since i filed it along with the July flood of applications.

    Dec2002 EB3 India.


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  • sparky_jones
    12-10 01:28 PM
    I recall receiving only 2 copies of AP from TSC. Is that normal?

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  • Jerrome
    02-20 05:23 PM
    I could not find mine (though i don't know the case number) with the priority date and employer name i could not find mine, by anyway can we find out the category (EB1,EB2 or EB3) from this databases.

    I saw some poll happened in IV to get this information.


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  • Soul
    05-27 09:31 AM
    Grrrr :P

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  • sumagiri
    02-25 03:08 PM
    USCIS can pre-adjudicate a case, even when visa numbers are not available. This means that USCIS processes all the application, but just waits for a visa number to finalize it.

    Pre-adjudication. That would be really good. According to latest processing times, NSC shows July 30th 2007 for 485. So does that mean that cases before that are either adjudicated/pre-adjudicated or atleast there is an RFE?

    Is there any one who confirmed that their case is pre-adjudicated @ NSC. ?


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  • admin
    04-12 04:43 PM
    To Submit Comments on the Regulation

    The DOL allows people to submit comments, identified by Regulatory Information Number (RIN) 1205-AB42, by any of the following methods:

    * Federal eRulemaking Portal : Follow the WebSite instructions for submitting comments.

    eMail : Comments may be submitted by eMail to ( Include "RIN 1205-AB42" in the subject line of the message.

    Mail : Submit written comments to:
    Assistant Secretary, Employment and Training Administration
    U.S. Department of Labor
    200 Constitution Avenue, NW
    Room C-4312
    Washington, DC 20210
    Attention: John R. Beverly, Interim Chief, Division of Foreign Labor Certification

    (Note : Because of security measures, mail directed to Washington, DC is sometimes delayed.)

    The DOL will consider only those comments postmarked by the U.S. Postal Service or with proof of delivery from a service such as UPS or Federal Express on or before the deadline for comments.

    Instructions : All submissions received must include the RIN 1205-AB42 for this rulemaking. Receipt of submissions, whether by U.S. Mail or eMail, will not be acknowledged. Because DOL continues to experience occasional delays in receiving postal mail in the Washington D.C. area, DOL recommends that those wishing to submit their comments do so via eMail.

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  • BharatPremi
    04-13 11:40 AM
    What is this "Indian-American" animal? I still can not understand that term

    Can we a contact Indian/American organizations who can lend us support.
    1. Today I read news wherein an organization of Indian Businessmen,Lawyers.Doctors are organizing fundraiser for Hilary Clinton. They are giving lot of money for her campaign. These people already have contacts with number of senators. They can help us in our cause at different level.
    The Chairman of the organization in the news article Sant Singh Chatwal is a known hotilier in US.

    2. US-India Business Council is another such forum we can consider. Rediff has a news article wherein they are asking congress to increase H1s and make green card process easier. They have mentioned an address in Washington D.C
    H St, Northwest headquarters in Washington, DC.


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  • Libra
    10-23 01:43 PM
    My I-140 pending over a year finally got approved. got an RFE a2p and replied on 4th of oct. approval date 22 oct.

    good luck guys.

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  • skd
    01-11 12:57 PM
    I had gone through the layoff thing during 2001-2002 time. Maybe, I might be mistaken. But I feel that time it was even worse.

    2001 It seemed like once all dot-com related stuff clears out market will stablize, But this time this problem, Is not just Whole IT, but all industries , I heard except healthcare and education all sectors are shedding jobs. Not only that all countries have same issue , just not the countries who depend on IT related sectors for there economy.

    Worst part is No-End insight, So you don't how long you have to ride this out. No economist is ready to bet if the economic stimulas will really boost up to bring out of this reccession/ depression.

    I am under-estimating the problems I 2001-2002. And probably people who got affected directly by that know more about the pain, then who never went through that kind of problem.


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  • perm2gc
    11-04 12:03 AM
    Here's my exact situation:

    - My employer is company A
    - I am assigned by Company A to Company B (corp-to-corp)
    - Company B assigned me to Client X

    - I want to move to Company Z
    - Company Z would assign me to the same Client X

    My non-compete clause says something like... Employee(I) cannot work to client of Company A within 1 year of leaving Company A

    Now, is client X considered as client of company A? I'm thinking that company B is the client of company A. Thus, it should be okay if I move to company Z and be assigned to client X.

    Any thoughts?

    you are confusing....

    What i understand is that you want to work for the current client with different consulting company than the one you are currently cannot do it as NCA will cover it .

    if You want you can fight..its upto you..Consult a good Attorny as our friends here have mentioned..

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  • agc2005
    12-25 08:38 AM

    Actually I and my wife recieved EADs with photos got swaped and then we sent back to USCIS with the following docs and yesterday we got the new cards.( I haven't recieved my AP yet, may be they also having the wrong photo on it i don't know yet).

    1) write a Letter to USCIS explaining the problem
    2) EAD Card
    3) New photos
    4) New I765 application without fees(If it is USCIS Problem otherwise you have to pay)
    5) Passport photocopies.


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  • tomatocup
    07-12 04:55 PM
    It is partly true. You get stuck in name check , somebody get stuck at I-140, All in all this whole system is purposefully created to keep doors locked "legallly". The first and foremost question should be how the hell government has decided 140000 visas not 40000 and not 240000 but only 140000 and why the hell discrimination against people from only 4 countries?

    Infact employment based immigration is for sufficing the need of the market then let market decides what immigration numbers should be set as ceiling... If US economy need 7 milion in year 2007, ceiling should be 7 million and next year US market may need only 7000 then for that year ceiling should be 7000. I believe if they may freshen up the whole EB GC mess with starting restructuring based on this concept then only in future we can expect flawless legal immigration...

    Who and what will be used to decide the market need? If this is like what you said, what will happen to those 7 million in the next year where market need is only 7000? Does this mean many of them will be laid off or sent back? Does USCIS hire more people during the 7 million year and lay them off in the next year? How can a system be flawless with all these uncontroble things? People have to wait in many ways to get things done in most of the country with large population. Logiclife is right that life is not fare if you want to compare.

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  • theperm
    02-08 11:02 PM
    Why would you marry in such haste & go through the trauma of not know whats going to happen i he goes to jail for the next 18 months?? why not wait until his jail issue is over ?? I am no one to judge you & mean no harm but have u thought this through ????


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  • pappu
    12-15 09:47 AM

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  • estrela21
    02-08 11:56 PM
    Hello estrela,

    Thanks for posting your message. It seems that you are talking about immigration to USA based on marriage. This may not be the right place for advise regarding that issue.

    This forum is dedicated to the plight of high-skilled employment based immigrants.

    Please consult an immigration attorney to look into this matter because your question is unclear and you mention court issues and other legal issues. We do not want to give you incorrect advise regarding such crucial issue.

    Best of luck

    how i do it to take my question out here?? i am sorry..i didn't mean to cause any problem..

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  • sanju_dba
    09-14 03:47 PM
    You started working for Company B before or after the H1 transfer receipt notice ?
    is LCA for H1 filed after you joined company B - is it legal ?
    Its likely possible you may have signed some contract with them in the offer letter, you can keep the communication only thru emails. And ask them for a copy for the basis for their standing.

    11-26 10:44 PM
    I got my AP status online as Document Mailed to Applicant:

    What does it mean?

    Has any one got the AP after Document mailed to application status?

    09-27 04:41 PM
    Why would IRS care how you perform your full time job. IRS's responsibilty is to collect taxes on our earnings, and it doesnt matter you trade 100 or 1000 stocks per day as long as you file schedule D.

    Short term trading is gambling, you wont come out of the game until you lose. Long term is the way to make money.